Adirondack Seasons

On August 23rd, 2012, the NCCCA Arts Center presented an exhibition called, “Adirondack Seasons” by Saranac Lake artist and painter, Sandra Hildreth.

‘Adirondack Seasons,’ represents several years of experiences in the Adirondacks. “I love to spend time outdoors, especially in wild places, and I love to create art”, says artist Sandra Hildreth. Her paintings, done in both oils and watercolors, “bring the viewer to all [her] favorite places.”

The majority of Hildreth’s work has been created outdoors in the tradition of 19th century “plein air” painting. “Plein air painting captures time itself,” Sandra says. “The time the artist spends painting is recorded in the brush strokes – parts of the painting may be the morning, other parts the afternoon. The paint literally tells the story of the experience.”

“Sandra’s paintings are truly vibrant and engaging,” says Janine Scherline, NCCCA Arts Center Executive Director.  “They capture the spirit and beauty of the Adirondacks, which undoubtedly will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike that visit our Main Gallery from August through September.”

The exhibition began on Thursday, August 23rd and ran through Saturday, September 22nd 2012.