Abstract: Tevye Scherline and Tom Nicholas

This bold show helped welcome in Spring with its bright colors and natural wood textures. Both artists exhibited their abstract paintings and Tom featured some of his delicate, handmade furniture. Tevye uses collage, latex and other mediums in his paintings that help give his work unique textures. While Tom’s focused more with shapes and color, with works over 6 ft wide in shades of tangerine and lime.

“Wherever we go, whatever we experience, we inevitably make an imprint, a trace of the energy left behind,” says Tevye. “My intent is to capture and express some of these imprints, these moments in time. Precisely how each work is interpreted depends wholly on the viewer.”

“All my 50 years in the visual arts have been a Zen meditation on the non-separation of the figure/ground and subject/object,” says Tom Nicholas. “The furniture and cabinetry reflect a personal need to build aesthetically pleasing and practical objects for the residential environment.”